Maximize Your Renewal Rates & Revenues by Sending Automatic Email Notifications to Expiring Members

Notify members their membership is about to expire by using an automatic email notification system and increase your renewal rates significantly!

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  • Send Multiple Notifications

    Send up to 10 automatic email notifications before and / or after the membership expires

  • Control the No. of Notifications Sent

    Control the number of notifications sent per hour (between 1 to 500)

  • Send to All Relevant Membership Levels

    Choose as many membership levels as you like to send the notifications to

  • Notifications are Fully Customizable

    Customize the notifications to your needs using WordPress toolbar and special merge codes

  • Get Detailed Reports

    See the exact notifications queue including: Member’s name, Email, Membership Level, Notification Number, Date and Status (Send / Queued)

  • Smart Report Filters

    Filter the reports according to members / dates / membership levels / notifications / status / free search

Wishlist Member Default Notifications Options vs.
Wishlist Membership Notifications System

Maximize Your Renewal Rates Starting TODAY!

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Frequently Asked Questions & Resources

  • q-iconIs it safe to send emails from our own server?

    There isn’t any problem with sending emails from your own server and you will not get blacklisted from doing so. The problem that some servers are blacklisted only happen when you send more than 500 emails per hour, which include spam content.

    The spam checker of any email provider is different, but because the email that you send from Wishlist Membership Notifications are different from one another, in most cases, does emails will not be considered as spam.

  • q-iconIs Wishlist Membership Notification plugin relevant for me?

    If you own a membership site with membership level/s with an expiration date then Wishlist Membership Notifications is a MUST-HAVE plugin for you if you want to in order for you to be able to manage a viable profitable business.

  • q-iconDoes the plugin have any conflicts with other plugins?

    As far as we know, Wishlist Membership Notifications does not conflict with any other plugin. It keeps a very strict code method so the chances that it’s causing any problem are very low. If you have any problems or conflicts, please go over the instructions before contacting support in this link.

  • q-iconCan Wishlist Membership Notifications work with any membership plugin?

    No, Wishlist Membership Notifications is a Wishlist Member dedicated plugin.

  • q-iconDo you have an affiliate program?

    Yes we certainly do. Find out more here.

  • q-iconHELP! I still have questions!

    We’re here to help. Feel free to contact us here.

Maximize Your Renewal Rates Starting TODAY!

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